The benefits to employers of having remote workers are well researched and well established. They include:



Contented Staff Members

  • Happier and more productive employees

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased retention

  • Spread your recruitment net far beyond the commuting distance of your existing office



  • Direct savings on office infrastructure costs – a fraction of the cost of office space in our cities

  • With sky-high rental rates in cities around the country, and wage demands extremely high, skilled workers living in Sneem could have significantly more disposable income


And More

  • Reduced carbon foot-print by ceasing to contribute to long commutes in traffic jams

  • CSR element of helping to stem the tide of rural depopulation

We found them to be tireless in their support of our needs ... helpful, efficient and open-minded with a can-do attitude. From supporting us in finding the talent pool, to providing space solutions, sourcing accommodation for staff etc. we found working with them to be a great experience. We hope any other company will consider Sneem as a viable location to find talented staff and a supportive committee to assist with this task

- Irene Santos, Director Human Resources
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc

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