The Hub

Sneem Digital Hub is a facility with high-speed broadband offering hot-desking for remote workers, a low-cost base for business start-ups and options for companies seeking to expand remotely. Video conferencing technology and meeting rooms are also available.



Remote Worker / Employee

There can be many distractions when trying to work from home. Sneem Digital Hub can offer you a desk in an office-like environment on a daily or longer-term basis.                                               


Small Business Owner

Starting a small business can result in a a number of front end costs. By renting desk space rather than leasing a whole office you can reduce overheads substantially. At Sneem Digital Hub the fee is inclusive of broadband, electricity, water, etc.



Office space rental and wage pressure is at a premium in big cities. By establishing remote departments within your company you can reduce overheads, access an under-utilised job market and offer your employees a better work/life balance.