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Accommodation prices in the local area are relatively modest (€600 per month average for a 3 bed house) in comparison with Dublin (€1,500 per month average for a small apartment or 1-2 bed house) and Cork City (€1,100 per month average for a small apartment or 1-2 bed house). A full list of available houses to let can be viewed here



There are two excellent National Schools in the parish that regularly score in the top tier (Sten Score) nationally. Both have state of the art facilities with an enviable teacher/pupil ratio of 1:18. Nearby Kenmare provides second level education at the local community school.



The village has a crèche that is open throughout the year. It xxxx and costs about ? of similar creche’s in urban centres.



Sneem is located on the beautiful Ring of Kerry. It is one hour from Farranfore airport, 40 minutes from Killarney and 25 minutes from Kenmare.  


activities & social life

Sneem has many tourist attractions like mountain walks, beaches, golf, fishing, art galleries and numerous festivals throughout the year. The villages’s two hotels (Sneem Hotel and Parknasilla Hotel) ensure that the village’s pubs and restaurants are kept busy throughout the year. Sneem has numerous clubs and societies, many of which take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings: walking, GAA, horse riding, rowing, kayaking, scouts, golf, cycling.